Our Purpose

We provide coaching support, education, resources & referrals. Staff members are encouraged to reach out to us individually. A range of presenters speak weekly and are available for follow-up questions and support.

In these unprecedented times are you more concerned than ever about the level of emotional and mental health support available to your staff?  As School Social Workers we understand the need and have developed a virtual program designed specifically for educators to provide the necessary support,


Educators First


Linda June 2021

I am a Licensed Social Worker, who is enjoying being a member of Educators are First, because I find the opportunity to consult and receive support when needed, valuable. I feel that both Anna and Mallory, are tremendously resourceful, at locating resources needed for my work. I enjoy the different speakers and having the opportunity to go back and hear them again on their page. Educators are First is a Valuable Resource for me!

Michael 06/10/2021

High School Physical Education Teacher and Coach
I have enjoyed being a member of Educators First. What I like most about it is that there is a wide variety of speakers that I can choose from so that I am viewing things that apply to me personally and professionally. As a coach, I also like the flexibility that is allowed in this program so that I can view things when I have time.

Brooke 05/15/2021

High School Math Teacher
I am so enjoying being a member of Educators First! The group provides weekly live speakers who discuss topics that are so relevant to me as an educator. I really like that the speakers have two sessions, it allows me time to think about the topic and gives me time to process before diving deeper or asking follow-up questions.

A huge benefit of this group is the ability to watch the presentations when it is convenient for me. I can catch them live, I can watch the replay at a later time, or I don’t have to watch at all. There have been some topics that are so interesting to me and I add the date and time to my calendar so that I can watch live. Some of them I will watch the replay the next day and some I don’t watch at all. I love that those I don’t watch are still there if I decide that I do want to watch them later.

The speakers are always very relatable. They are very open to communication and provide information to follow up with them if you want. Many provide extra resources for information or their own groups to join.

I appreciate how Anna and Mallory post discussion topics such as “share your favorite podcast”, “what’s your favorite book”, “share a GIF about your day”. It adds comradely and provides me with new books, podcasts, etc.

If you’re on the fence about joining Educators First, go for it! You won’t regret the plethora of information and support that it will provide you.

Mackenzie May 12, 2021

Business Office, Softball Coach
I work in the business office and coach Junior High girls softball. Educators First has been a great resource for me. I've been able to take away strategies to help me with my own mental wellness during the pandemic and also been able to get strategies to better assist the students I coach. I've learned ways to pick up on some of their "nonverbal" cues and how to help them cope on and off the field.